How to Find the Perfect Clothing Factory?


In this video I will share insights on how to find a good clothing factory where you can manufacture your clothes. It lists different ways to help you find a suitable manufacturer for you designs. What you should look for and what is important when deciding on which factory to use. I will also talk a little about, how to approach the factory once you find it.

Some of the questions I will cover are:
• Who to ask?
• What to Google?
• How many should you contact?
• What should you look for in your first contact?
• What are the benefits of producing close to you?

What are Clothing Samples and How to Make Them?


This video explains exactly what a sample in the clothing business is. And I will go through the different types of samples that exist. Like Prototypes, Salesman’s Samples, Pre-production samples ect.

10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Clothing Manufacturer!


This video is a must-see if you want to approach a clothing factory to initiate a business relationship. You will get 10 guidelines for what you should ask the manufacturer in order to ensure they are a perfect match for you and your designs. Using a suitable manufacturer is the key if you want your clothing line to be a success.

Do I Need to Go Visit the Clothing Factory?


When you have found a good factory, this video will help deciding whether or not to go and visit the factory. I sum up some of the benefits you will gain from visiting the factory and why it can help you in the long run. Why a visit will help the factory understand your designs and how you will get better products – and also why you save money doing it.

Some of the points are:
• A visit will improve communication and increase trust
• Even a single trip will be worth it
• Good factories don’t have anything to hide
• Its important you see the production facilities
• When is bad news better than no news

Clothing Production: Minimum Quantities – What is Possible?


What are the minimum quantities you can do when producing clothing products. I will go through the different things you should consider before placing an order at a manufacture. How different countries can have different minimums.

Clothing Production: What is a Tech Pack and How to Make it?


A tech pack is all the factory needs to develop your designs in to actual garments. In this video I will go through the different elements that combined makes a tech pack. I will also go into details about how you make a tech pack that you manufacturer will understand and will increase the chance that you receive your samples or production faster and better.

Which is the Best Country for Clothing Production?


This video is about how to find a suitable country to produce/manufacture your clothing products. I explain what products are produced in different countries and give good advice on how to choose where you should produce.

Some of the areas I will cover are:
• What is good to produce/manufacture in Italy?
• What are the advantages of producing in the Far East?
• What is Turkey and Portugal famous for?

What is Organic Clothing and What is GOTS?


I will explain exactly what defines an organic product. I will also give you good advice on how to make sure that you can get started doing organic products without problems. Furthermore I will explain what GOTS is and talk about what it costs to produce organic products.

Timeline When Starting a Clothing Brand!


It takes time to start a clothing brand if you want to do it right. But there are ways to get started faster. I will explain all the steps from idea to finished product. And give you a better idea about the timeline and how the clothing business works.

Clothing Production: How to Source Fabrics & Trim?


Finding the right fabric and using nice trim like labels and hangtags is a major part of creating a nice and sellable clothing product. I will give you different ways you can work and source materials for your products. And also I will give you advice if you chose to do it yourself or get help from the manufacturer.

Why Clothing Samples are Not Always Like Expected?


I will help you make sure your samples look perfect and just like you expected. There are many reasons why samples may not always look like expected and I will walk you through some of them. It is very important because good samples will help you increase your sales.

Avoid Getting Cheated by Your Clothing Manufacturer!


Nobody wants to lose money or end up with an unsatisfying clothing product. I will give you advice on how to communicate with your manufacturer, which will help you to avoid getting cheated, but to get what you are paying for.

Should I Use More Than One Clothing Factory?


You can use one factory or several factories for your clothing production. I explain the pros and cons for both options. What effect it will have on your delivery time, quality of the products and the prices.

Should I use an agency or work directly with a factory?


Should you work directly with a factory or get help from a middleman like a clothing agency. There are ups and downs for both and I will explain those. How you can choose what is best for you and your designs – and how you can make it as easy for yourself and what will help you get the best prices.

How to Avoid Late Deliveries in the Clothing Production?


You can do a lot of things to avoid getting you orders delivered late. Late deliveries can kill any good clothing brand. In this video, I will give you good advice on how to work with your manufacturer and give you tips you can use to avoid late deliveries.

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